where to go from here

by melissa on June 7, 2014


The funny thing is, I’m not really sure where here is. Life happens, I get that. I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason. We’ve had a rough start to this year and everything has been put into perspective.

When someone you love falls ill, or is injured seriously and relies on you for almost everything – what used to be normal becomes anything but. It is almost like its put on hold or at least secondary in nature.

For me, that was my sewing. I never thought anything could pull me from my studio, it was my passion my zen time. But after the accident, it was overwhelming. I couldn’t start anything, making decisions were a mountainous task and it was the last thing I wanted to do. I got worried.

I asked a fellow quilting friend of mine one night at dinner if she thought I lost my mojo… She asked “Do you still love fabric, it’s’ touch, the art of putting them together?” “Of course.” I said. She then replied “You’ll be fine.” I smiled still unsure.

I do feel, in a way my quilter path has been altered. I dabbled in retail this past year, it was something I couldn’t do with a full time job. The passion I had for each piece produced diminished. Perhaps this break I’ve had has let me see that more clearly.

It’s now June. That’s right it’s the 6th month of the year. The year is almost half over. But I’m not worried. I believe that this break has given me a breather, a reflection on what I want to do, what I want to try from here forward. And all that will happen in its own time. I’m not racing against anyone, not even myself.

So from here – i move forward.

From every ending, there is always a new beginning.

twenty-eight days

by melissa on March 28, 2014

February is made up of only twenty-eight days, we managed to pack in quite an eventful month.


challenge accepted

by melissa on February 8, 2014


Late last year the modern quilt guild announced a fabric challenge using Riley Blake fabrics. I was stumped at first, bright colors and bold patterns together seemed a bit out of my element. Eventually I decided that I would take the opportunity to create something using a technique I have never tried but always wanted to conquer – curves. I decided to stick to something on a smaller scale, as it would be less intimidating.

The result is a pillow cover sized at 21″ x 21″ just perfect for our kitty who likes to lay on all things quilted.


finished front


detail of the off center, straight line quilting

I decided on a drunkards path block, the pinless tutorial I found via Pinterest (the Mecca of finding great tutorials) provided a printable template and great instructions. All of which I followed except when it came to trimming. Whoops! So my blocks don’t quite meet-up where the should, maybe next time.

I loved this so much that one of my next planned projects for a summer quilt will be using this same block. As for now, our kitty has a new place to take naps in the sun.


the old and the new

by melissa on January 5, 2014


Another year flew by. The end of 2013 was especially hectic making me think about and evaluate what’s important for me. It can be hard to have a hobby that you love doing so much that you want to take on every little project that comes your way & still work full time job & be a full time wife & a good friend. All without losing it or hurting people you love. Lucky for me I have the best husband, friends & family that stand behind me and support me when I need it most.

I stopped blogging last fall as it was just one of those things that I could put aside without a negative effect. The internet can be a bad influence on me, I see and read about all the wonderful things people are doing and it inspires me to try and do it all too. What I forget is I have time, all the time in the world and so my resolution for this year is to slow it down. Spread out the projects more and know that it’s ok to say no if I need to.

I did finish my 2013 block of the month quilt in 2013, even if December 31st is the last day. I tried to do one wonky cross a month, some happened each month, others got done a month or two behind.


2013 block of the month merry

This is my largest quilt to date and I am in love with it! I’ve always been scared of making a big quilt just because of the quilting, but with my awesome Janome Horizon it was no problem at all. It is great to sit with the hubby and both use the same blanket.

Here’s a peek at the back, I used a print from Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study.


Looking forward to 2014, I’m still thinking about a new block of the month for this year, it’s nice to have a quilt for each year.

market a first

by melissa on October 30, 2013

this past month I took a small hiatus. mostly because, well there was just too much going on and blogging didn’t fit in. I’m happy to share that blustitch is participating in the Kilgoris Marketplace in Cornelius this Friday & Saturday!

If all goes well I will post stories & photos. if not, we’ll pretend it never happened.


hope to see you there!

fall break

by melissa on October 2, 2013

Just in case someone out there was worried or thinking, gosh she hasn’t posted in about a month! Don’t worry, I’m still around. I’m around and have lots in the works which is why I’m going to take a little blogging break, a fall break if you will.

Jackson will keep you company until I return.

{ a little kitty r&r }

I’ll be back.

studio love

by melissa on September 16, 2013

It’s been a whirlwind these past couple weeks. I’ve managed to reorganize my studio to offer more shelving and storage! I have to say, lowes and the container store are my best friends when it comes to reorganization. The Elfa system is really spectacular, and I suggest getting it on sale, while it’s not cheap, it’s also worth every penny.

{ new & improved studio }

{ table set up }

I added several new shelves and a piece from the Container Store that allows me to hang up rulers and my small ironing board. Probably one of my favorite additions since it freed up the wood wall to hold a beautiful piece of art work I found at the flea market this past weekend.

{ details }

new hanging hooks bar


fabric & more fabric, new art

It’s nice when everything is so organized! Makes working in a small space so much easier.

new favorite

by melissa on September 5, 2013

I’m still pretending to be on vacation. Pretending to sleep in until 9am, read on the back porch with the sound of the ocean waves on repeat, and feeling the cool ocean breeze with sand between my toes. Wait – I’m back home.

One of my favorite activities was taking our kayak out to the inter coastal waterway with my second half. It was part gift from my parents last Christmas that we almost didn’t get. I wasn’t even sure if I would even want to use it, or enjoy it enough when we did to make it worth it. So far it’s my new favorite outdoor activity!

It’s also fun to take pictures while on it!

{ maiden voyage }

first launch from the shores of Hilton Head Island

{ falls lake in wake county }

{ tucked away at home }

{ many uses at topsail island }

taking the shark bait out to sea, at least a dozen times


a view of the grasses we’d soon paddle through watching schools of fish & crabs avoid us

I look forward to more trips in fresh & salt water and strengthen my body so I’m not so sore after our excursions.

august get away

by melissa on August 29, 2013

For the last hurrah of summer we took a week long getaway to North Topsail Island.

{ the trip in photos }


{ signing off }

hump day

by melissa on August 8, 2013

Sometimes a night out with some lovely ladies can melt away any woes you may have. We did our night in three stages.

{ happy hour }

{ tofu salads at Lily’s }

{ cake, four ways at Hayes Barton }